Company Profile

Steelbridge Capital, LLC is a privately held, value-focused, real estate investment company based in Chicago and Miami. Its principals have generated lifetime gross IRR’s in excess of 20% for investors by acquiring commercial real estate through debt, equity, and private or public markets.

Steelbridge Capital seeks assets where values have been temporarily discounted due to supply or demand imbalances in real estate capital, space, or information markets or where values can be significantly enhanced through redevelopment and repositioning of the asset with aligned management teams.

As value investors, we follow three important principles:

  • We focus on cycles to minimize capital competition and create efficient, after-tax value in real estate through hold periods that play heavily into local and national cycles
  • We are research-driven and concentrate on information advantages, which enable us to play into inefficiencies between markets
  • We focus exclusively on buying properties and in submarkets with unique, sustainable competitive advantages as identified by our proprietary models

Although Steelbridge Capital has deep roots and expertise in Chicago and Florida, its proprietary models and investment history give it expertise in a number of other markets that fit its criteria, including Austin, San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Boston. Steelbridge Capital also continues to closely monitor developments in Cuba.

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